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Independence – with All the Amenities

Retirement should mean never having to worry about what's for dinner — or anything else, for that matter.

Offering the independence of an apartment with the services of a first-class hotel, The Broadmoor really is the best of both worlds. Here you are free to come and go as you please, knowing that that a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner await. Whether you choose to sit in the formal dining room or enjoy the privacy of room service, we have a chef who delights in bringing flavor and variety to every meal.

Moving in is effortless, with no long-term commitments or outrageous down payments, and all of our rooms and suites come beautifully furnished (including a small fridge). Although you are also welcome to decorate with your own pieces. As at an apartment, you pay by the month - free to leave at any time, but also protected by San Francisco's rent control ordinance during your stay. (Many comparable communities require you to purchase a condo and pay high monthly fees which often approach or exceed The Broadmoor's total bill for rent and meals.) And instead of paying for medical care or other assistance that you may not (thank heavens!) require, at The Broadmoor you can obtain additional care and assistance as needed.

All of our light and airy rooms come fully furnished, although you are also welcome to decorate with your own pieces, if you prefer.

1499 Sutter Street San Francisco, California 94109
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